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hello, beautiful

hello, beautiful

welcome to paradise. Peyton Leigh | 14 | narwhal, head betch, & lover of lip gloss, kevin mchale, & nutella.

This is the Sandy Hook School in Newton, Connecticut. As you all may know, on December 14th 27 lives were taken. But for what? Nothing. 20 children. 20 innocent children with bright futures and lives to live. And 7 teachers, whom have families to care for. 6 of the teachers whom were at the school died trying to save their students. They died heros. Everything has been shattered. Take a second to sit back and appreciate your life, rich or poor, whatever race, gender, and sexuality, just be thankful you’re alive. You make your life what it is. And it’s horrible that something like this has to happen to allow some people to realize just how lucky they are to be alive. 
Rest in peace everyone, though your lives have been short lived you will be remembered forever. We love you all. XO.
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    Send a prayer for all the lost souls
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